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Frequently Asked Questions

Are my worms sent along with the kit?

Yes, worms will be packed and sent along with the kit. They arrive safely and happily.

What food can I put in my worm farm?

We suggest to put 70% Food scraps (nitrogen) and 30% paper or cardboard (carbon). Chopping up your food scraps finely will speed up the process and avoid food rotting before the chance to eat it.

Can I put Egg shells in my worm bin?

Yes, egg shells act as grit, it's good for your worms to digest and can assist in breaking down of food efficiently and help to maintain acidity in the worm bin.

Finely chop and dry egg shells, and crush it into a powder and sprinkle in you worm bin.

Pro-Tip: You can use eggshells to sharpen your blender blades

Toss a handful of egg shells in your mixer grinder, add little water and turn it on until the egg shells are pulverized.

What do I do if my worm farm is too acidic?

Add some carbon (browns) to assist in maintaining the pH. Aerate the worm bin and remove any excess decomposing food waste. Add a light sprinkling of dolomite powder every couple of weeks to maintain the pH.

How much compost will my worms process?

Worms process anywhere between 25%-100% of their body weight of organic material per day. Their consumption is highly dependent on the conditions of their environment. In optimum conditions they will process organic matter more efficiently. As a general rule of thumb, if you are keeping a good worm bin environment, they should process an average of 50% of their body weight. i.e. 1kg worms = 500g of organic waste.

Do I need to add water?

As there is a lot of water in food scraps you should not have to add water very often. However you can sprinkle water over the bed from time to time to flush more worm juice through, or if there are signs of it being a bit too dry.

In hot weather you may want to sprinkle with water to help regulate the heat, and make sure the contents don’t dry out. If you have a worm blanket, keep it damp but not wet in hot weather. It is also a good practice to moisten cardboard and paper with water when you add it.

How long before I can harvest liquid and castings?

You are harnessing a natural process by using worms to turn your waste into gardening gold. The worms take time to acclimatize, multiply and grow bigger before they are functioning at full capacity. This process takes some weeks, and over that time you can monitor them and slowly increase the amount of food you give them.

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