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Embrace Sustainability,

Turn your food waste into compost.

Why you should compost?

Waste is not wasted
Composting reduces landfills
It improves soil health
Reduces Soil Erosion
It supports Sustainability
Builds stronger food system

Wonderbin by Vermiterra

Simple and effective organic waste processing
Easy to use and hassle free maintenance
100% Odor-free
Designed for households up-to 5 members
Nutrient rich fertilizers for your garden or farm


By avoiding disposal of food waste, we reduce the amount of organic waste sent to our dump sites.


Food waste make up to 70% of total waste sent to landfills. Instead the waste can be utilized.


we can produce Nutrient rich compost which is valuable to our agriculture.

Don't waste your food;

Never waste your food waste

Our vision is to make people to produce compost or 'Black Gold' at source by using organic household waste such as fruits, vegetables, tea/coffee. We encourage organic farming effectively just by waste produced in household kitchens.

Add your food waste in a Composting Bin

The food waste is then converted into Compost

(Super-healthy Soil)

Use the compost to make your soil healthy to grow plants and flowers in your garden

Sustainable living

by putting scrap to use

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